Colorado Aspens

We were camping off a mountain road by Ridgway CO. This view was what the door to our tent opened out to. I’m not sure what the red bushes are in the background but it was a beautiful backdrop for the Aspen. I was trying to get further to the left so that the background was more centered but was at the edge of a significant dropoff.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome

Technical Details

Canon 5DM4
ISO 100 70 mm f/9.0 1/100 sec

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Wow; what a view to have from your tent! Sipping some coffee and watching the day develop would be nirvana.

Crazy how the curve of the tree line and the various angles the trunks are growing is disorienting; it makes me feel like when I first step on land after being on a boat all day.

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Beautiful Aspens, John. Love the colors. Well done.

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GPS coordinates, please!!! What a view to wake up to. I really like the simplistic foreground along with the simplistic background letting you soak in the curving aspens. I also like how there are some green trees amongst the yellowing trees. Good contrast.
I find the ULC to be a little bit empty and also the very tippy top of the ULC too bright where the hill ground cover ends. There is a little wedge up there that pulls my eye. I hope you don’t mind but I toned that down and in a second version I cropped out most of that section. I don’t know if either suits you but I thought I’d share. What a camping spot.

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Hi David I hadn’t noticed that upper left corner but now that you mentioned it it bothers me too. I like the crop you did. That eliminates the background problem and I don’t think the image loses anything.
This image is the bigger image of the view we had off Lost Dollar Road. I didn’t pick this image to show because in this image the background on the left seemed to make the picture unbalanced.What do you think?

I definitely prefer the original post. The curving hill in the bg and also the bare spot makes it feel more unbalanced than the original. Spectacular view though. I know this road well.

Outstanding image! Love the comp and colors. Well done!