Colorado Dreamin

Specific Feedback Requested

composition and processing

Technical Details


That light is fantastic, Mario. Wonderful image with a lot of interesting luminosity. I do recommend either brightening up the dark foreground, or cropping it out as the dark is a heavy weight that pulls my eye down, away from the marvelous scene above.

Well done.

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Superb light and the subdued colour palette is perfect for eliciting the feel of this early morning light. I might be tempted to soften the clouds just a bit by pulling back on clarity and/or texture. I also agree with @David_Bostock that the very dark foreground creates a kind of barrier. I think pulling up the darks might be a better solution that cropping.

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THank you both @David_Bostock @Kerry_Gordon . I pulled up the shadows with a linear gradient and I like it better as well.

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Wonderful and very engaging scene!! I’m not so sure about the contrast range, though. The mid-ground and sky are so bright and the mountains low in contrast (or just a little “dull”?) – I wonder about more balance? (Just a little.)

Now that is some terrific light, Mario. What great conditions you had here. I’ve been to Colorado twice for Fall colors and over the course of 8-10 days for both trips saw nary a cloud in the sky on either trip. This is excellent! I do agree with other about that really dark foreground strip at the bottom. Other than that, I like it as is.

Thank you @Diane_Miller @David_Haynes . We did have great conditions for two day. I rained on and off and left nice skies during those times. Diane Ill try to brush a little contrast into the mountains.

Another fabulous image Mario. I agree with the suggestions to lighten the foreground a bit.
Looks like I just missed you in the San Juans this year. This was my third fall visit and both prior times missed peak color: once too early and once too late. This year I was lucky enough to not have to plan the trip in advance and I followed the color forums on Facebook and left San Francisco by car when the color was starting to peak along the Million Dollar Highway, which was apparantly the first to change this year in the San Juans. The color was peaking when I arrived between Ouray and Silverton, not yet peaking at the Dallas Divide or Telluride area, but after a few days in Ouray the color around Telluride was great. And I got clearing storms and several days of clouds.

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