This guy washed up on a NWR island where I volunteer. I struggled with the background…trying black, then settled on white, so feedback on that would be appreciated. Lighting was cloudy daylight from a couple of skylights on the side, plus an overhead incandescent. I found the cloudy white balance to give the most pleasing image and tried to maximize DOF too. Only post processing was to decrease the exposure more; my image is even a bit brighter than reality, but it brings out the rich color of the wood! :grinning:. Sony a77II, Tamron 16-300mm @ 130mm, ISO 200, f/36, 5 sec, -1 EV, tripod mounted with remote shutter release. All comments and suggestions are welcome and thanks for viewing.

Jim, this is really a very fastening piece of wood. Very expressive. I like the detail and lighting in grain and texture of it. My only thought would be if it could be placed in more of an environmental situation. But that’s just me.

Looks like some kind of tribal mask. Very humanoid.

Good point Linda, should have put it on some beach sand .

Jim, this does look like a tribal mask. Nice job of observing to find it. I agree that a gently colored background (like beach sand) would look good, although I’d expect to spend some time finding the “right” color

Nice find and good detail. Somehow I see Bart Simpson. Weird.

Jim: As soon as Bart Simpson was mentioned I couldn’t get him out of my head. :+1: :+1:>=))>

:laughing: :laughing:, and I was thinking maybe Apu :wink: :wink:. Almost like a Rorschach Test…what do You see?

That is one neat face, Jim, and I love the textures in the wood. That’s the kind of subject that you can work with for a long time. Take a macro and work on the fine texture or one of those interesting features. Save this one for a stormy winter day.