Cutler Pond Reflections

This pond is a 5 minute drive from my home, and a great place for reflections in autumn. I played with many compositions that included both the trees and their reflections. But my favorite was this one where I cropped the trees out of the image, and only included the cattail grasses along the shoreline. This left me with a more abstract image than a traditional mirror image reflection.

WOW, a 5 minute drive netted you a fine image here in this one, Ed. Excellent explosive colors…:sunglasses:
I wish I had that kind of quick access here in So Cal. It takes us a half hour to get on to a freeway…:sob:

Thanks Paul. I live in the suburbs west of Boston. Whats even more surprising is that this pond is located on the edge of an office park, yet is a nice oasis of nature in the burbs.

Ed, this does work very well with the strip of fall grasses/reeds and the colorful reflections. Yes, there is natural beauty to be found if you look carefully even in a fully developed suburban area.