Dalls in Denali

I thought I’d start out the new challenge with some Dall Sheep ewes & lambs from the Denali Park road in mid September, 2012. I was lucky enough to win the Denali Drive Through Lottery that year.

Sony DSC-R1, ISO-160, f/8.0, 1/640, hand held.

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Wonderful image Gary. I like the diagonal line separates the sheep from the harsh cold intimidating mountains. I’ve never seen this type of sheep, thanks for posting it. They look quite at home.

Gary, this is a wonderful WC image. Like Linda said, that diagonal line separates the sheep from the snowy mountains, making this a very pleasing image. I was able to see some of the Dall Sheep back in 2006 when we visited Danali, but we were on the old school bus. I did get one shot of a male one with long horns sitting up in the rocks by shooting through the window. I was thrilled to get that shot. You were blessed to have the opportunity to do a drive through I am sure. Excellent image.

Gary, this looks great. The scattering of white sheep mixes well with the scattered snow patches on this hillside, while the looming snowy mountains behind speak to the harshness and contrasts with the warm browns in the foreground. Nice to have the one lamb nursing.

Gary: What Mark said. I also noticed the nursing lamb and think it adds a really nice touch. Well done. >=))>

Beautiful, Gary. I love how the line of goats matches the line of the ridge., and the scenery would be pretty hard to beat.