Dayville Road - Winter Vision

Port Valdez bay is surrounded by mountains that rise directly from the water and when the sun is very low during the middle of the Winter, the South side of the Bay is in the shade of the mountains all the time except when the sun occasionally passes between two peaks. The north side (which you see in the background here) does get direct sunlight but when the sun is setting only the peaks are lit up. When viewed from the South side, in the shade, it makes for some striking contrasts. I love this view of the shaded stream flowing toward the bay and the bright peaks. Always one of my favorite Winter scenes!

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is always appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony a6300, SEL1670Z @ 16 mm, ISO-250, f/8.0, 1/800, hand held from the bridge over the stream.

It is gorgeous, Gary. I can see why it would be a favorite spot!

Gary, wonderful scene here. Even during the harsh winters in Alaska I could find some real beauty in my many travels throughout the state. Of course that was during the few hours of actual sunlight in the dead of winter… :sunny:

This is beautiful Gary! Couldn’t ask for a better composition!

As others have said, this is a very nice shot. I like the sun on the peaks too. Very peaceful.

Kudos from me too on this terrific image. The square 1:1 aspect ratio is perfect for moving my eye through the stream, and the light on the background mountains as @Donna_Callais mentioned is spectacular. Great photograph.