Displaying Editor's Picks

Is there any way to group each Weekly Picks images together when displayed?

Other than the current Editor’s Picks which can be invoked with a hyperlink the images from past Editor’s Picks are mixed together in a manner that it makes it difficult to see which images belong to which week.

If this is already available and I’m just not accessing them in the best manner please educate me.


PS. It’s not clear why the non-nature picks have their own separate list of images and not grouped with the others. Seems strange.

I was just about ready to post as a new thread, but then saw your post @Igor_Doncov. I think I’m saying the same thing below, just worded differently…

@David_Kingham, NPN support,

We’ve got a good half year under our best now and the EP’s are accumulating. I’ve recently learned and becoming more comfortable looking for things using the “tags.”

Using the “Editor’s Pick” tag in whatever gallery is a nice way of grouping all the picks. However, I believe they are sorted by Latest comment, and not original posting date.

My suggestion is to sort these particular results by original date rather than last comment. In one of the galleries, one of the images popping up first was posted in October? When I use a tag to search specifically for EP’s, it’s actually a bit more difficult finding the current pick. And you can’t use the date in the search results because that’s the latest comment date.

Anyway, would love to see the search results for the EP as original dates, not latest comment date. That way they are posted in chronological order.

No biggie, but would like to see this.



Lon, I agree.
There are SO many links on this site, making things easier to find and more direct any way possible would be great.
I’m not sure what value “latest comment” has - I’d much prefer the original posting date only.

No, there is no way to see what was picked in a given week. The moderators use an advanced search to figure out what was posted in a week, it’s not user friendly but I can share the method if this is super important to you, it’s way easier to just scan the images to see what is new though.

This was decided a while back so we are not featuring non-nature images prominently all over a site that is dedicated to nature photography. Please no more discussion on this, it’s been decided and will not be changing.

@Lon_Overacker, I assume you want to see editors picks for a given category, like just for Avian, etc. correct? If so, you can add ?order=created to the end of the url to sort it by date created. I could add this link in each category if people find that useful. I’ll investigate some other ways first, but you can add that to the url for now.

Thank you. Nevertheless, I feel I have the right to express my opinion as I wish to do so. And that;s what I did.

Thanks for the response @David_Kingham and thanks for the tip on the URL. Yeah, that’s good to know, however I think most users wouldn’t want to have to remember that.

I suppose a link would accomplish that. Wondering when searching using the tags if simply making the default view “order = created” would be the easiest solution? All the other galleries, the default view is ordered by creation date/time.

I guess what I’m seeing is that this is only when you use a “tag” to select the images. Then, they are sorted by “latest” (comment or post). Not a big deal really, but occasionally an image that’s quite old pops up to the top of the list just because the OP writes a thank you comment, or someone else makes a comment or even if the old post is edited.

Users already have the option of selecting “new” or “unread” view if they choose from the main gallery pages and the Community page.

Really not a big deal as I mentioned. MOre of an observation. In the end, I think no matter how one selects galleries, tags, etc., the default order should be the date created, newest first.