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I don’t go kayaking in bad weather too often so a lot of the time it’s bluebird skies and while sometimes it isn’t great, when it’s fall and there’s sidelight, it can be. This was my penultimate paddle in New Hampshire even though I didn’t know it at the time. A perfect fall day at peak color on an amazing little mill pond that backs into a proper bog. It took me forever to do the out and back even though it wasn’t a big body of water. It was just too amazing everywhere I looked to go fast. Enjoy.

Specific Feedback Requested

I am open to ideas for full sun, bluebird sky kayak shooting. I have no idea why so wide open. Probably no real reason just lost my mind in all the beauty.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld with probably a CPL

fall kayak

Lr for pretty much everything, but no color sliders were hurt while making this photo. If anything I toned some things down because damn they were lit up. A little crop and some tonality management in Lr and then to Ps to remove a distraction from the edge.

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I love bluebird days without clouds especially in the fall when the colors are so beautiful and water is involved. After all the colorful foliage is the main attraction. I like this as is with no changes. Very beautiful and very sky blue.

A gorgeous Fall colors reflection photo, Kristen! Both colors & exposure look just right to me. I personally prefer this type of reflection shot to have the horizon line vertically centered. If there isn’t any important object in the near foreground the exta room is just dead space. Also, for me, the symmetry is stronger when both vertical sides are equal.

Had to go get my sunglasses. Very lovely!! Colors pop without looking forced or exaggerated, and the variety of trees adds interest. A nicely isolated grouping.

I’ll have to offer an alternative to @Gary_Minish, and say I enjoy the lack of symmetry. The reflection is different enough, with the water movement, to hold its own and anchor the visual weight. Not sure how to explain it, but I know what trees look like so the top half doesn’t need a lot of room – lovely as they are, they are something I know. The reflection is something that holds my attention – it could change while I’m looking at it – and somehow demands more visual space in the frame. The darker sky reflection in the water also serves as an anchor.

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Thanks @Jim_Gavin, @Gary_Minish & @Diane_Miller - those trees oh they were amazing. And all over. Every bank, every hill. One of my fondest memories of kayaking. And the last time I saw a moose up close, too. She was by where I needed to park my car and I spooked her a bit so she gave me a look and trotted away up the road.

When skies are featureless, I often crop them rather than reflections and go asymmetrical. Depending on the situation, I’ll go with an even crop, but mostly I give room to reflections rather than blank sky. Totally subjective and both work in almost every situation.