Egret / Moon

This is from a series I did in 2007 called Forces at Rest. Here’s the description:

In some wonderful explorations, I found that symmetry can reveal a spiritual dimension to an image. I often begin with elements that contain energy, movement and chaos: things such as clouds created by strong winds, moving water or smoke from wildfires. By introducing the formality of symmetries, I found I was taming wild elements. Their power could now be held, examined, studied and worked with. It could be placed in a context and used as a context. Then I found these tamed elements can be combined with elements that contain stillness, the equally formidable feminine powers of calm sky, still water, plants, feathers, wood, stone and bone. I found wild and still elements can be combined to make dreamscapes in which forces pose, play, interact, tease, and lay themselves open to examination and admiration.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Three different exposures. I’m not sure I can even dig up the individual specs for each.


How creative and fun, @Diane_Miller! I like the sunset-tinged clouds of orange, against the blue sky. That big detailed Moon is beautiful, framed and held in glory by the wings of the Snowy Egret(?) and by the clouds. The clouds remind me of an arrowhead. Thanks for posting!

Love this creation very much.

Ethereal. The bird photo alone is killer, but combined with the other elements it’s a unique creation. You did a great job to see the disparate elements and bring them together in a way that tells a story and is beautiful to look at.


All informal adjectives pale.

The individual elements, graphic disposition, and beautiful narrative are absolutely sublime. Bravo!

Beautiful image! I immediately thought of “The Moon’s a Balloon” and the latent force of the peaceful bird’s bill poised to explode it. So many cool interpretations possible, but your own description is the best.

This is a very beautiful and creative composite. Everything works so well together. Well done Diane!

Stunning is right, Diane, as others have said. Very creative and exquisitely done.