Enjoying the View on Thompson Pass

An older photo of Eli and Deva looking out over the beautiful landscape of Thompson Pass, Alaska. I have a whole category of images I call ‘Dogs in Landscapes’ that meet the criteria for this challenge :slight_smile:

Sony DSC-R1 @ 17mm, ISO-160, f/11.0, 1/250, hand held.

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Gary: Looks like doggy heaven :wink:. I especially like the FG wildflowers. Wonderful image. >=))>

Wonderful photo Gary. The dogs look like they are in seven heaven. I like the contrast of the wildflowers in the foreground and the snowy mountains the background. Very nicely done.

Looks like the dogs are enjoying the beautiful view too, Gary.

Gary, your dogs are definitely taking in a fine view. The foreground flowers are a special addition.

A beautiful image, Gary. I like the positions of the dogs in this image better than the one you posted later. I also like that they’re looking in the same direction and into the distance.