Evening snack + repost

I found this little fellow yesterday evening munching away on grass in our side yard. I was a little concerned because we also have foxes strolling through from time to time. He is not very big, the grass in only about 5". . … sure hope he’s got a safe den around there close.

I chose this photo because I love the way the rabbit, on one hand, looks very much at home and on the other, it is very alert and aware of everything. Including me. I think the angle is more dynamic from this point of view.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Very little adjustments; did some content aware to remove cement block on ULC and grass sticking out of the rabbits ears. Add a bit of vignetting (-20) to help the rabbit pop a little more. Did some experimenting with auto ISO and aperture/sspeed priority and settled on this one which the camera set on manual and auto ISO. All thoughts and comments are welcome.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

My challenge was to try and get the photo of him without grass in its eye. I keep moving slightly but ended up with the rabbit dead center. Couldn’t move either right or left because of annoying obstacles. Feels a bit static with him center, how does the composition work for you? Any other thoughts/comments?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D7200, f/8, iso 400, 1/8sec., 70-300mm @ 300mm

Thank you.

Great job on the focus through that grass, Linda. The low angle works very well. As for the composition, the rabbit is a bit far left for the direction it’s facing. It will get a bit tight, but I think you can crop top, bottom and right enough to make this work.

Thanks Dennis. Great idea, I took about 1/2" off the top and about an 1" off of the right side. I like it much better.

Is it a bush bunny? They are soooo cute. Your rework is definitely better. I like the tighter crop and the brightening you did.

Thanks Bonnie, me too. Not real sure what a “bush bunny” is, but I agree, this little guy is adorable.

Linda, rabbits are cute and this is a good look at this one in its natural habitat. The processing differences are quite striking. Your original post, with it’s muted tones feels like a dusk (or dawn) shot, which is when rabbits are most active. The brighter version does a good job of focusing attention on the rabbit and especially its eye. If you want to maintain a standard crop ratio, you could crop the original into an 8.5 x 11 completely from the right, to move the bunny off center.

You’re right Mark. The first photo reflects the evening atmosphere, the second is more of a reflection of how I felt about discovering this little rabbit. This could lead to a discussion of artistic interpretation and intent, but I think for me this image is somewhere in the middle - being a reflection of a rabbit in its natural habitat and the excitement of the moment, for me. I’ve toned down the “brighter” version and done an 8.5x11. . . . way better. Thanks again, Mark, for all of your help.

Oh Linda, he is adorable. I used to raise domestic rabbits and really loved their cute looks and ways. The second image does allow us to enjoy him more. I like that you got down to eye level with him. I can image the grass made getting the eye without a blade of grass much more difficult, but you accomplished it nicely. Well done. I hope he stays around so you can capture more photos for you.

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Thanks Shirley, and yes, I did see him again this morning in the pre-dawn darkness. . .out in the street. Not to sure how smart this little fellow is and am hoping he’ll be able to survive long enough for me to enjoy him grow up.

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Repost better. I like color and POV. the centering works well . My home is in a buffer zone between woods and water. We have many bunnies like this one who eat the grass and weeds. I have an indoor cat who just really enjoys watching them. Although they will not eat out of my hand, they will approach as close as 5 feet if I remain still. They are always reproducing so we see many babies. But fortunately the population remains in check as other critters use them as a food source.

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Thanks David. These little guys are truly fun to watch, just hope for the best. . . … and understand. . . it is nature at it’s best.