Eye contact

As I stated in the previous image, we had very little time with the Peregrine. These are high ISO shots because of the heavy shading. I included two images taken almost consecutively. After the Peregrine took off as noted in the previous series, it landed about hundred yards away and it was too far away to get any reasonable detail. I wish we had stayed longer to see if it came back to this rock. As I understand it, there are several Peregrine’s which have been spending a fair amount of time in this area for several years.

Specific Feedback Requested

With the 2X extender, F5 .6 is the aperture for this 400 mm lens. The area just to the right of the frame is heavily covered with out of focus plant vegetation. I had to stand in a precarious position on a cliff edge just to get all these images.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 4000, 400+ 2X, F5 .6, 2000th, handheld, about 50 to 60% of full frame after the crop.

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A fun look at this Peregrine, David. Nice shots for this high ISO and sizeable crop. What we won’t do to get a photo, 'eh?

Glad you stuck with it as long as you could - the yelling shot is wonderful. Those talons!

It was worth the trouble! Excellent NR and sharpness. I hope you felt appropriately scolded by that first one. Maybe he was warning you about the cliff?

Hi David, love the calling pose - great moment captured. From what I can tell, the image quality held up fairly well give the 2x converter and crop. Intriguing images.

Really nice images showing habitat and behavior. Any technical issues (and for me there are very few) are easily overcome by the images themselves.

Very nice.

He sure is giving you the “what for” stare and fussing at you, David. That is such a shot though. Great eye contact, and a nice active image. You managed this well with a 2X and high ISO. Great job. :+1: :+1:

Very nice work - impressive birds and the techs are more than good enough I’d say - the first one captures an awesome moment! Well done, Hans

Interesting shots - maybe it’s protesting that you didn’t bring it a feathered offering to add to its victims!