Facing Storms

I love how photography allows us to explore our life journey and inform us about who we are. Having a crescendo of stressors over the past years, I’ve endeavored to grow more in regards to facing life’s storms rather than running from them. This image helps me to express this sentiment.

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Single frame; Nikon D810; 14-24 f/2.8; 14mm, 1/50 @ F/11; ISO50.

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ig: @jim_mcgovern_photography

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Jim: I love the scene and the implications. Artistically I might want to crop away about half the sand so that the sky gets more prominence but this works well for me as is. A special moment superbly rendered. >=))>

Jim, I like how there’s a sense of everything (clouds and lines in the sand) pointing to that small cloud burst in the center. Even though the sand luminosity is reflecting the sky brightness, I wonder how some subtle dodging of the sand in the center of the view would look.

Dramatic and beautiful. I like the sand as is, the lines really pull me into the great stormy clouds. No nits here. Excellent!