Fall Dalhia

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
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Great colors, patterns and textures. I like a lot how you have dealt with the BG.

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Great photograph.

The graphics of the image are striking - flower positioning allows it to be facing into the frame. The background is beautiful and exciting in that the viewer is unsure if there are leaves or just a complementary pattern supporting the flower.

It isn’t the kind of camera you use; it’s how you use it.

A beauty for sure! Wow. I might have to plant some dahlias in the yard. I wonder if they would survive a Wisconsin winter?

It’s the color and the way you’ve presented the shape of the flower and the petals that really comes through here. The light was with you and the background mysterious. Well done.

Wow!! This is SO striking, with the flower so beautifully detailed with the subtle outline effect. It is positioned so well, both in the frame at at an interesting just-off-center angle. And the BG is fascinating and a wonderful color, with a triad relationship to the cool-red flower. The saturation of the BG is lower than that of the flower, which supports the subtle soft color of the flower so well and allows it to shine. Well done!

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