Far and Away


This little tree on the side of the Cinder Cone at Lassen captured my attention and so I had to stop for it. I love how lonely it appears or how commanding depending on how you look at it. I didn’t do much monochrome conversion for this trip, but this seemed the best way to showcase this one.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Anything is fine.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? No

Handheld on the way down, I think.


B&W conversion in Lr and a 16:9 crop. Massaged white and black points as well as colors in the B&W panel. A graduated filter on the fg to reduce exposure.

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Really like this image, Kris! I always love the photos with one tree all by itself and the sky as a background. I really like how steep the hill is and straight up the tree is. Also love the shadow! I think it could look more dynamic and lonely cropped a little more to take out the trees in the foreground on the llc. But I also know that would move your tree more in the middle…

Wonderful composition with the background hills coming into the center and the diagonal foreground hill holding the tree, Kris. The black and white effect fits perfectly with the lone tree. Very nicely seen and executed.

Interesting idea but I wonder about less tonal separation between the land and sky.

Thanks ladies. I appreciate the feedback and the thoughts about the different aspects of the shot and what could be done to realize those more fully.

Do you mean there is too much or too little separation?

I meant a slightly darker, more detailed sky, but not enough to detract from the very interesting silhouette aspect here. Maybe a gradient darkening of the sky from the UL corner to match the slope of the hill.