Fire Wave

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Technical Details

1/8sec f/13 ISO 100 ICM


Whoa Andre, this is a great abstract. The colors are like magic. I really like the flow of this image. I love where you chose to darken parts of the image. Great job. No critique needed.

Oh My. Oh My. Oh My. No words to describe - which is fair because you left no description… :grin: And I say that kindly because I think most will agree that sometimes we don’t need an explanation or description of an image. It speaks for itself.

this is one of those images.

Excellent whatever this is…

Wow! Such beautiful colors, patterns, and shapes! Well done!

Amazing image of sunlit water (I guess it is). I also like the darkening and brightening of the different parts of the image. One idea could be to darken a tad the upper edge to get a “stop” there.

Thanks for the comments @Ola_Jovall @Lon_Overacker @Mark_Muller @Dan_Kearl @Donna_Callais
Yes, it’s a sunset lit wave ICM.

That’s excellent Andre. I can offer no critique. I have never quite seen a long exposure wave look like that.

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Wow, this is gorgeous! Well shot and processed. I love how you left a little space in the upper left between the swell and the top of the frame. This has the right blend of completely abstract, yet with some shape to give visual interest. Well done!

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Just outstanding abstract with wonderful colors shapes and textures. Mind blowing composition!

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@David_Schoen @John_Pedersen and Cameron Wilcox thanks for the comments.

Really love the colors! Great image.