Flames of Grass


Shot this last week and thought it would make a good abstract or wall paper…then saw the weekly challange just in time. Intential Camera Movement on native grasses .


Stephen, the “movement” in the grasses mixes beautifully with the color shifts for a very inviting image. Your title fits very well. As a bit of visual pyschology, I wonder if flipping and flopping this three times to get a smooth horizontal version would have a similar visual effect.

Thanks for the comments @Mark_Seaver the grasses were natives and a cluster of stalks of about 4 feet high, I only saw it as a a vertical format. After a few unsuccessful tries of a “regular image” I thought I would try something different to at least capture the light.

A beautiful image, Stephen. I never would have seen that in the original grasses you were photographing. Excellent vision and execution.

@Dennis_Plank Thanks for the comments Dennis.

@Stephen_Stanton After seeing your photo of the original scene and seeing what you were able to do with it, I’m blown away with your eye to see something so perceivably mundane and turn it into a beautiful abstract. This an excellent example of finding the beauty in what others pass by so often. Wonderful work!

@Jimmy_Arcade Thanks for the comments Jimmy. I am always curious how the Intentional Camera Movements shots come out. This one did fine.

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