This was part of a series on water in motion that I called “The Dynamic Invariant”. In this image I wanted to strip away everything but the essence of flow. I can’t say I completely succeeded but I’m fascinated by fast moving water and I imagine myself continuing to work on this series until I can’t lift a camera anymore :crazy_face:


I too am fascinated by moving water and reflections on water. My folder has hundreds of designs created by nature . I enjoy your image both for the movement which formed the wonderful curves and varying colors. Look forward to seeing more of your collection.

Beautiful! I love how the lines are so defined yet very soft. And the colors are spectacular as well.

Just fascinating. I appreciate how you let the brightest areas go bright but not excessively. The braid formed in the center holds my attention.
The bright current at top left is a bit distracting to me. If rotating or cropping would take it out of the picture, that would be fine with me. But rotating would spoil that perfect angle presented in your image.

Kerry, this is a great mix of movement and color. Supplementing the main diagonal of bright flow with the colors from the bottom adds a lot of interest.

Excellent, Kerry. I love the abstract lines, layering and colors. A very beautiful image.

Well done! You picked the perfect shutter speed. I like the composition with the diagonals and all the color.

A beautiful image, Kerry. I don’t think I’ve ever seen streamlines so well defined outside a flow test facility. I’m not sure what caused them, but they add a lot to the image for me.

Kerry: Dynamic image with wonderful motion implied and superb color. Well seen and even better captured and presented >=))>

@Patricia_Brundage. @Becky_Kuperstein, @Dick_Knudson, @Mark_Seaver, @Harley_Goldman, @David_Schoen, @Dennis_Plank, @Bill_Fach : Thanks for your very enthusiastic support of this picture. Doing the series was one of the most rewarding experiences of my creative life. The hours I spent sitting, enthralled by moving water fed my soul and reminded me what a privilege it is to be alive.

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