Foggy Morn from Blue Ridge Parkway

I had to search through a lot of bird photos to find something foggy.
Canon Rebel 7i, Canon 17-50mm at 42mm, iso 100, 1/60 , f5.6. Need to pay more attention to my settings, I rush too much.

That is some nice fog. I think this image is a great candidate for a B&W conversion. It would add a lot of drama properly processed.

I thought the same and did do a quick view, but I am not well-versed in the process of B&W.

Brian, the layers of fog and ridges look great. Having a few clouds add nicely to the strong sense of depth as my eyes move gradually to the distant peaks.

I agree that this would be a good candidate for a B&W. There could be several different interpretations. I like the color here, and the layering of the clouds against the rolling mountains looks great.

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I always love what fog does to hill country and this is a superb example, Brian. Very well executed.

So where’s the bird? Glad you found this one, Brian. I love the way the fog lays in the valleys. The large version really has a lot of presence. It puts your right there at the overlook.