Foggy Trio

I originally worked this Yosemite image up as a B&W and recently changed it back to color. The green grasses say more about the location and the mood for me. I made this image in April, 2016.

D810, 70-200mm



Oh yes I recall this one, Harley. The fog really lifted the curtain on the stage here and provided an excellent view from this vantage point. A very fine post for the Trio theme… :+1:

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Beautifull lighting here, great atmosphere .Is that dewdrops on the grass?

Love this image! And I really love the muted soft colors from the fog I guess. I think it was a good decision to change it back to color.

Gorgeous colors. Yes, very moody and beautiful. I also like the symmetry of a dark band across the top, mirrored with the dark band across the bottom. And the bright white line in the middle is a great contrast.

Harley, while I could see this as looking good in b&w, the greens in the grass and trees add some good atmosphere. I like the dynamism of your slightly off center comp and the fine moody feeling.

Avi, that was frost melting.

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