Forest Floor (w/repost)

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Taken with Canon SX50,F 5.6, 1/640, ISO 800 -0.7

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Really beautiful color contrasts and interesting details. Love the spiral. Even the detail of the background leaves, with muted colors draws the eye into the subject. Only nit (newly learned term) is that there seems to be a halo around the maple leaf on the shroom. Maybe too much sharpening?

Such a neat find and capture, Patricia. Love that the red maple leaf is lying on this yellow mushroom. I agree with Cheryl (noticed it before I read her comment, so that just confirmed what I was seeing), of the halo around the maple leaf. Otherwise, I am loving this image.

This image has a very nice and pleasing composition. The halo around the maple leaf can be reduced with some photoshop work. Casting the nit aside, this is a nice image…Jim

I have reworked the image to eliminate the halo. Thanks for pointing it out.


This is such a beautiful image Patricia. The yellow of the mushroom and red of the leaf are just gorgeous. I must admit, these old eyes, did not see the “nit” but then again i am new at this. Really wonderful find.

Patricia, this is a lovely look at this mushroom. It and the maple leaf stand out beautifully from the leafy background. The details in the background add a lot to the “story”. The halo around the leaf was a subtlety but removing it is a nice improvement.

BTW, halos like that arise from what’s called micro- contrast enhancement, which is using an unsharp mask with a small amount, large radius. If you’re using an Adobe produce, they call it “Clarity”.

Wonderful image, good angle of view and very well composed. You might consider a small amount of darkening the background to focus more on the Amanita.


Patricia: What a neat find and a fine capture. The repost is a subtle but nice improvement. My only other suggestion would be to use some content aware cloning on the partial red leaf on the left edge. I does pull my eye a touch. Top notch shot. >=))>