Frosty morning

I had a great morning at my local park last Jan when everything was coated in hoar frost on a quiet cold winter morning. The sun was rising providing some warm light.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
1/1250 , f3.2 iso100. 90mm macro lens on full frame.


Very soft and beautiful. It doesn’t say cold to me, but definitely some frosty goodness. If you’re so inclined you could clone out the plant nearest to the left foreground plant. It could be smoother there. Nicely seen.

Bryan, those are two lovely, heavily frosted seed heads. I like the mix of warm and cool in the background and the detailed look at the long needles of frost.

Interesting subject against a very nice BG. The large version shows wonderful detail in the focal plane, but a focus stack might have been good here to have that detail in more of the image.