"Frozen Bryce"

I have been processing this image for a couple of days now. Not really sure where to go with this image at this point. It was a cloudy day with very little sunlight coming in. It was an amazing looking scene, with the frozen side of the canyon slightly glistening. However that doesn’t seem to translate into the image I captured.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

Image was taken with a Canon 5dsr, 24-70 @ 60mm, f/13. ISO 100 at 1/4s.

Instagram: @josetorresphoto

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Jose, I like this very much, but I do have a couple of suggestions…

You might consider a crop from the left to eliminate the line of trees near top left edge.

Second, dial back the saturation of the cyan.

I think the contrast looks pretty good, and I like the color of the hoodoos. You really captured the chill.

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Thank you for your response and feed back. This is the updated version with what you suggested. I think it definitely flows better!

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A beautiful iconic shot rendered perfectly by a high quality camera. I might actually shoot this as a panorama than the choice you made. I prefer the original presentation as I feel that the intense warm colors are good against the snow. I wouldn’t change the hues at all as that takes the life out of the image. Excellent image.

PS. What the heck. I’ll upload it. My crop doesn’t seem to be very original. I seem to remember it somewhere. I think the weather conditions you had were just perfect as well.

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Beautiful wintery landscape from Bryce. Just the right amount of snow to compliment/add to the formations yet not be overbearing.

I like your crop and wouldn’t go any further as you start to lose the fan-out (smart geologic term) in the LL quadrant.

I too was going to mention the cyan. But I feel a compromise is in order. For me, the reduction in cyan is primarily up top in the clouds; perhaps even including the bg ridges. Paint/mask back in the original for the main canyon and that might do the trick. Of course we’re well in to the personal preference choices…

Should make a beautiful wall hanger.



Classic Bryce, Jose. Love it as is and would not change a thing.

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Thank you for the feed back! Will consider doing a pano here as well. I did shoot a pano here but have not processed it yet.

Thank You for the feedback! I might play around with the cyan and go back to the original crop. I will give the image a couple of days to let the fatigued in my eyes “bounce back”. But honestly I needed to hear other’s perspectives as to how they view the image. Again, thanks for the feedback!

Jose, I prefer your original composition, and i think the reduction in cyan saturation in the sky helps. You certainly had Bryce in some very nice conditions, and I think this image does it justice. To add little more vitality here, you might want to try increasing the brightness and the contrast of the hoodoos just a bit, and maybe even warming them up a little more.

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Thank You, will give that a go! Big fan of your work!!!

This is gorgeous! I like the original comp, but feel that one could use a little more room at the top. The pano Igor suggests works quite well with the tighter framing.

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