Image Description

Thanks to @Kris’s recent post about LR cataloguing, file storage, etc., I was going through some older folders and remembered this scene. I had actually posted an image from this session over a year ago - and now can’t believe I never developed this one.

I think this might be about the most abstract ICM I’ve produced. At least in terms of having any clue what this is or where it came from. Of course those who know my haunts can make a pretty educated guess where and what this is.

Type of Critique Requested

  • Aesthetic: Feedback on the overall visual appeal of the image, including its color, lighting, cropping, and composition.

  • Conceptual: Feedback on the message and story conveyed by the image.

  • Emotional: Feedback on the emotional impact and artistic value of the image.

  • Technical: Feedback on the technical aspects of the image, such as exposure, color, focus and reproduction of colors and details, post-processing, and print quality.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Any and all comments and feedback always welcome. The force is strong with this one… and I won’t say anything further on my resonses other than the title. And no, nothing to do with Darth and Luke…

Technical Details

Nikon D800E 28-300 @35mm f/13 1/3s iso71 handheld ICM

Good evening Lon, I think I have an idea of the subject matter behind this beautiful ICM image but won’t spoil the fun for others. What I love about the image is the mystery and the many ways it can be interpreted. What came to mind for me was birds in flight. Wings in motion perhaps against the morning sun. Love the emotion in your image. The composition and technical attributes look great to me as well. Excellent image Lon!

Hi Lon,
It’s always amazing what you can discover on your hard drive. I know the feeling very well when you suddenly find a promising image and wonder why you haven’t developed it yet. I probably look at the pictures with a different eye or mood when the photo shoot was some time ago.

I love your image. It’s beautifully abstract. It’s hard to tell what you were photographing. My guess is water running over some rocks. And there is some reflected warm sunlight on the left side.
But maybe I’m totally wrong.

Gorgeous!! For me, it evokes a desert canyon with a bit of canyon light on the far cliff, but that’s just what it evokes. I doubt that subject could result in this lovely abstraction – but I do know you’re a magician in that regard. I love the wispy “mist”!! If I had to guess, I’d say tree trunks with some pieces of sky, but I’d rather enjoy it without trying to decode it. It’s like listening to a song in a language you don’t understand – it adds a lovely layer of mystery.

Hi Lon, so interesting reading the comments about what others see in your image. This is a fine abstract and I’m drawn to the soft pastel hues and the apparent movement of the floating, curvy things on the right, but it still evokes calming emotions.

Thank you @Alfredo_Mora , @Jens_Ober , @Diane_Miller and @Jim_Lockhart for your comments and for your kind words Diane!

You are actually 100% correct Jens. Indeed, water flowing over the rocks - the Merced of course.

I also see “light in the canyon” as Diane comments. My imagination takes it a bit further. From the title “Genesis” - think Star Trek and the “Wrath of Kahn” Genesis - when the world was new… Anyway… the light area, a valley of fire, in the middle an impassable mountain range and an angry body of water on the right - yet whispy and calming too. The comp and framing is a bit odd with the triangle in the UL - but then I thought of an apocolyptic sand storm about read to bury everything…
ok, so a little of a stretch. But fun imagining.

Of course as we all know, these thoughts are completely after the fact as there is no way of knowing what might be created at the time of the capture.

Thanks again,


Lon, there is an inimitable sense of weightlessness to your image for me that I really enjoy. The area of bright warming light in the left part gives me a point to start exploring the composition, while there is another area of equal interest for me, namely the sharp edge of the subsurface rock in the right part. The latter element makes for a rather brooding feel to me, thereby providing an amazing tension between these two different aspects.