Georgia State Bird

The Brown Thrasher is the Georgia State Bird, which almost no one outside of Georgia except maybe birders seems to know. :slight_smile: We moved to Decatur (Atlanta), Georgia, 3 years ago, and while I miss Florida nature photography greatly I have to say that the Atlanta area is jam packed with nature photography opportunities.

Specific Feedback Requested

At this point I’d still like any feedback and I’ll just add that to my considerations as I photograph and process images.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
1/160 sec at f/8.0, 560mm, 2/3 EV, ISO 3200, Aperture priority, Pattern metering, Canon EOS 7D Mark II, EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II w/1.4x extender


Barbara, this is a great, ground level view of a bird that I thoroughly enjoy. The eye stands out and the bit of dirt at the tip of it’s bill tell you what it’s been up to. While you might (and I’d like to emphasize might) try a bit of burning-in of the brightest bits in the grass along the left and right sides, I don’t see that as needed because the bird stands out very well as presented.

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I think this is a fine image. Nice low angle and nice look at the bird.

I was going to comment that there is a green cast to the bird, so I took it to Photoshop. When I opened it it Photoshop, the colors were not the same as what is posted here. The issue is the color space. You posted the image with the ProPhoto color space. Images on the web should be converted to the sRGB color space. Here is the image and all I did was save your image, convert to sRGB and repost. I did not change anything else. Web browsers only understand sRGB as the color space and it is important to use that for consistent color viewing across all web browsers.

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Hi, Keith, I thought I did that, but obviously whatever I did wasn’t correct. I’ll try again next time. Thanks for the added info.

B.T.s are one of my favorite birds. When I lived in NH they would do what this one appears to be doing - dig around in the lawn. They’re so lively and energetic that it’s kind of amazing you caught this one being still. The sRGB version looks more natural and less over-saturated and the pose is just perfect. So crisp and detailed. Keep 'em coming!

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I have absolutely no experience shooting birds, but @Keith_Bauer 's conversion to sRGB looks real good to me. I particularly like the low POV you used to capture this beautiful bird. I also like that you were able to keep the head and eye of the bird tack sharp. Nicely done.

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