Glen Affric Ferns

Glen Affric, Highlands, Scotland

These wee ferns were tucked in against a natural stone rockery and as such were completrely sheltered from the effects of wind. Indeed I suspect there delicate pale hue is also partly due to the comparative lack of sunlight and nutrients that usually come from the surrounding loam. Either way I thought they looked stunningly elegant and framed them carefully to show them to best effect.

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A lovely image - I like ferns at any stage and these look like you took the picture in the fall. They don’t often get attention because of the leaves’ more showy display, so I like you picked them out. Maybe a little more room at the bottom would be a good idea, but I like the contrasting colors in this muted palette.

These are very elegant ferns, and your composition has done a excellent job of framing along the edges. This light yellow looks exactly right, it a very delicate color to process correctly, but you have done an outstanding job with it here. What I also like about the color in this image is that the brown/yellow colors in the ferns along each edge of the frame are somewhat different. This creates an interesting variety of fern colors that is very attractive. Not sure if that was natural, or the due to careful processing, but in either case it doesn’t matter, it works really well.

Ian, this is really nice. I love the shades of color, and how it works so well together. A very nice full frame of the ferns. Love the direction, and how the different color shades are placed in the image. Well done.