Grass stars

Hi Eric,
Thanks a lot for taking your time to critique images here at NPN.

This photo of grass in a small pond with sky reflections where taken last autumn during a photography inspiration workshop in Härjedalen, Sweden.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

1/200. f/9, ISO 200 (basic ISO), 60 mm (120 mm equiv.), Olympus OM-D E-M1X camera


Ola, it’s an amazing image again ! So well in balance also,

I think this image is fantastic. It’s unique, thought provoking, and creative. From capture to processing it’s very well executed as well. I honestly have no suggestions for this one! Thanks for sharing it with me!

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@Eric_Bennett, thank you for your very positive comment. It is somewhat overwhelming to get such a response! I have only been a hobby photographer for about four years now, and it is often not that easy to judge the quality of my own images. So your response is very encouraging and boost my confidence and give me a lot of inspiration to try to grow and evolve further.

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@Ben_van_der_Sande , thanks for your very kind words!

Ola, this would look great as a large print hanging on the wall. Excellent image all around.

Thanks @David_Bostock for your kind words.