Great Egret Flight Reflection

Seen this morning at a local park.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R7, 400mm f4 DO IS II, 1.4x extender III
ISO 400, f7.1, 1/1600s, hand held


Beautiful reflection and I love the wing tips touching the water. The Egret seems to have picked up a quite of bit of blue/green from the surroundings, did you leave it there intentionally?

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Hi Dennis, yes. I usually leave colors more in line as actually seen rather than put them back to a field guide view. That tendency may be to a fault on my part but that is how I usually treat my images.

No problem, Allen. I tend to agree with that philosophy myself.

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Terrific image @Allen_Sparks . Such a graceful pose with the wing tips touching the water surface. The reflection is just icing on the cake to add to this image. I think your colors on the heron look just right. Just to verify I opened your image PS and put two color sampler points on the wings. One on the brighter upper part and one on the lower part. Both sampler points showed RGB values that were nearly neutral. A lovely image for sure.

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As others have said, the wings just touching the water is beautiful, along with the reflection. So pretty and graceful, Allen!

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Hi Allen
I love the way this Egret, glides across the almost black pool of water.

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The dark surroundings magnify the presence of the egret. Awesome photo and I like how the wingtips are just touching the surface of the water…Jim

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Terrific image at just the right moment. Just wishing for a little more room for this one to fly into. He’s rather boxed in. Colors look great to me by the way. Pretty image, Allen.

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For me, the wings touching the water is what first attracted my attention. Good detail and nice reflection and the dark green water sets off the egret nicely. Great shot.


I missed this one earlier, but delighted to see it now! All said above, and congratulations on the EP – well deserved!

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I missed this one too, Allen. I saw it but didn’t have the time to comment. What a super good shot. The reflection and the wings tipping the water, just wonderful.

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Just getting around to catching up after a trip. Others have covered the comments pretty well, so I’ll just say congrats on the EP.

This is a great image, I have tried to get similar but nothing close to what you captured - congratulation.