Grey Heron and Blue Sky

Taken in Myakka, Florida. I liked the contrast between the blue, bright green, and grey.

Specific Feedback Requested

Feedback is welcome. Ideas for improvement are always welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Pieter, the mix of blues contrast nicely with the bright greens. This also shows off the heron stalking through the weeds very well.

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Thank you, Mark! Appreciate you taking the time.

A very interesting environmental portrait. The composition feels crowded at the top and I long for a bit more room there for the head, but realize there may have been distractions that couldn’t be dealt with.

It looks like the focus hit the reeds in front of the bird – the head isn’t bad but the texture of the body feels a bit off. It can certainly be difficult tweaking focus in a crowded environment.

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Thank you, I appreciate your taking the time for this detailed and considered critique. Regarding the top of the frame being crowded, there were two considerations: I wanted to balance the bird and its reflection in the frame, and I liked it that way.
I am VERY OK with the soft focus on the body of the bird, I prefer the almost painterly look of it. Certainly, for this image, I would choose the hard focus on the leaves over the body. I would have liked the head to be pin sharp also - but you can’t always have everything.