The Hamrafjället mountain is a local icon in Tänndalen, Härjedalen, Sweden. Hamrafjället is popular because it is at the same time easily reached and provide very good back-country skiing and hiking trails.

But it is most famous for its flora. On the hillside more than 400 different species have been found. In June-July you could find orchids here such as the small white orchid (and a lot of mosquitoes!).

I have not been here during the summer, so a winter image it will be.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
The technical quality of this image is far from perfect, but finally I decided to post it anyhow.

Ola, while the technical issues show in the larger versions, the small version look good. I like the balance between that “hairy” white beast on the right and the ski tracks leading back to the distant ridge. The two halves of the view make a good story.

Ola, this looks cold and the snow laden tree on the right only reinforces that mood for me. I like the human element with the ski tracks as they lead me out into the winter landscape. The partially obscured BG is also a nice touch as it has me wondering what else is out there. This sounds like it would be a beautiful place to visit during the warmer months if not for those blood sucking mosquitoes. Anyway, beautiful image.

@Ed_Lowe and @Mark_Seaver thanks for your kind comments.