Hawaii Rainstorm

I was out in Hawaii near where Jurassic Park was filmed when I caught this scene. It had been raining for the last couple days with little visible. Luckily, the mountain unsheathed itself for the few moments I was there with my camera! I have been sitting on it for about a month now in processed form.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What could be improved on in the processing? Also, I am wondering how well the image works compositionally.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Is it enough to only have a hint of the mountain showing through giving a bit of mystery left?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

This was a single image processed off a Nikon sensor. It came out fairly flat SOOC.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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I really like this (I would its dark understated and moody), love the umbrella trees in front of the grey hulk of the mountain and I love the very wet soaked atmosphere conjured in a subdued image. The little white speckly highlights either from leaf shine or tiny flowers is surprisingly eye catching (in a delightful way), along the base of the picture providing an anchor.

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I like the shape of theses trees as well. They remind me of those Acacia(?) trees we see from the plains of Africa. I would probably enrich the fg colors in this scene (it’s almost colorless). Perhaps it’s just the expectations one has of Hawaii.

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I love the appealing shape of the trees, and how you have multiple layers within the image. The processing of the fog looks great to my eye, light and slightly cool. I am slightly concerned by the treetops creating a 50/50 horizon, but the diagonal flow of the trees mostly mitigates this issue. The 50/50 is probably hard to avoid here, without adding blank sky or potentially messy foreground, so actually I think this is about as good as you could do. Otherwise the composition is nicely arranged, and overall this is a very moody and pleasing image.

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Kyle, this is nicely mysterious, with the fog showing well. The shrubs at the bottom and trees provide a fine visual anchor for the ridge peaking through the fog.

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The trees reminded me of Africa as well which is part of the reason I was looking for a composition to get of them while there. I find their shape interesting and unique! I remember the scene being muted in color partially due to the overcast and soggy conditions, but I also just tend to be light on the saturation and vibrancy. It’s possible I took it too far here. Thank you!


Love, love these trees! Their open canopy does remind me of something that might be seen from Africa. I especially like the ascending tree tops (or descending depending on point of view…) and also that the cloud-engulfed mountain roughly slopes the same way.

I think the composition works as presented. It’s a difficult thing too when you have a diagonal like the tree tops - trying to fit in a rectangular frame - without some give and take. Meaning, the upper left is a bit empty - but it seems there’s little to be done to avoid it - and a good thing there’s some variation and interest in the clouds/fog overall that it’s not really a detriment. I suppose you could crop a little off the top to bring in to balance the 3 main elements - the fog/mountains, the umbrella trees and the anchoring vegetation.

As far as the color goes, I could see going a little more green and colorful - but understand given the conditions it’s certainly not a time to go overboard. But as someone mentioned, the vegetation at the bottom is almost colorless.

And thanks for the Jurassic Park reference. After you mentioned and I viewed the image for a bit, the line came to me,… “…they’re flocking this way…”

thanks for sharing!


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Great mood with the clouds and the unusual trees create a kind of other-worldly look and feel. I might have gone wider, but who knows what lurks outside the frame. Looks good as presented and no other thoughts on it here.