Heading Home

I was so glad to see my first Turkey Vultures in Eastern Oregon about a month ago. This one was with five others passing over the hills. I love the landscapes of this area but still am working on photographing it.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Nikon D3400, ISO 100, 129mm, f10, 1/320, cropped

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I really like the colors and detail in this landscape, Vanessa! I would never be able to guess that the bird is a Turkey Vulture because of it’s tiny size but it does add some life to the scene.

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Thanks, @Gary_Minish! Yeah I kept trying to capture the landscape just right as the vultures were flying by and this one did end up kind of far, it is a pretty tall hill too! I just the colors and textures of the grasses around here. Thanks for your comments!