Hello from Vancouver!

Hi all. I’m Duncan from Vancouver BC. Looking forward to the wealth of info this community has. I don’t have any spectacular shots … yet but here’s a shot of me in the bush!

Hopefully I’ll be able to change this up soon!

Duncan, welcome to NPN. This is a vibrant, friendly, and very resourceful community. If I may ask, what draws you to photography? Any preference for landscape, macros, floral, etc.? I have not even been here a year yet, but what I have learned in NPN is priceless. I hope you’ll find the same.

Hi Duncan! Welcome to NPN! Don’t wait until you have a “masterpiece” to post. This is a great place to learn and getting feedback early in the learning process can be helpful. And feel free to reach out to any of us for help. Navigating the site is certainly different from other sites and we are all willing to help.

Hi Egidio. I like all genres. My favourite is landscape. I see a Brazilian flag ! My wife is Portuguese. We’ve been back many times to the continent . Landscape there is much different ( Grutas, Praias, etc) than where I live.

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Hi Steve. Thank you for the warm welcome! I’ll be sure to submit soon!

Hello Duncan and welcome to the NPN photographic community. I’m sure you’ll find the site helpful over time… :sunglasses:

Hi Paul. I’m sure I will too!

I was born and raised in Brazil but have lived in the USA longer than in my home country. We spent a month in Portugal in 2018. What a beautiful country! I hope you share some of your photos from “grutas” and “praias” here. Portugal’s coastline is amazingly beautiful.

Here’s a Grutas de Mira D’aire photo:

Here’s one we found off-roading - unknown to most of the country - we found it by chance

Here’s a pic of the castle in our town - Porto de Mos

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Vancouver and Portugal - two place I’ve been. Not a dedicated traveler, so that’s a remarkable coincidence. Welcome to NPN, glad you found us and hope that this becomes your nature photography home on the web. Hit the menus and dive in - there are hidden treasures and resources in there! Check out the Guidelines page if you haven’t already. Good info there, too. Looking forward to seeing your photos and reading your comments on other member’s work, too.

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Welcome Duncan - this is a great place to learn -

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Welcome to NPN, Duncan! I have now been a member for 2 years and have found this a great place for growth by getting comments on my own postings and by giving comments on other members images. Looking forward to see your images.

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Hi Duncan, welcome to an community! I’m jealous you’re from BC. That’s a beautiful area of the world. Let me know if you need any help.

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Welcome Duncan, I am a relative newbie on NPN and have found it invaluable already. Lots to explore on the site. I am in Vancouver as well and am often out and about looking for birds.