Help me improve the NPN app!

Hey everyone, I’m looking to resurect the NPN iPhone app from the ashes. We previously had an app that would give you notifications on your phone, but Apple decided the app wasn’t different enough from using the website in a browser (the browser doesn’t give you notifications, but alas!).

This is where I need your help. I want to add some features to the app to get around Apple’s restrictions. So, what would you like to see in the app that would be helpful to you? Here are some ideas I am batting around but I’m open to anything…

  • Exposure calculator for long exposures - I know there are a million apps out there for this already but it would be an easy add to get around the restriction.
  • Markup photos - this could be a nice feature where you could open a photo for critique and add quick markups to it to demonstrate your critique to point out problems or just to show the area you are referring to.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

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Hey @David_Kingham
Even using Android (one OS at a time) I think an app would be a great feature, the markup feature would be amazing, I try to do it on my images (on Windows photo editor) and it really gives a great feedback of what is going on at the images.
Other interesting feature could be some kind of project manager/creator, so that people could organise ideas, notes from scouting days, notes from shooting days, etc. Maybe a bit more specific for my workflow (that’s how I organize some scouting on my notepad) but filter by some tags on the note, example, wake up to a foggy day and filter some notes to choose a possible location that could work on those conditions.
If something else comes to mind I’ll post it.
But great idea and I hope the app will become a reality shortly.