Hi everyone, I'm John Kilgour!

I live in Helena, Montana, and spend a lot of my free time photographing the woods and mountains around Helena and in other parts of Montana. I have been photographing for a few years and joined NPN to continue to improve and gain inspiration from others. I enjoy photographing lots of different subjects, but wildflowers, trees, and forest scenes are some of my favorites.

Welcome to NPN! I love the photo you have posted…lots of texture with the gnarly bark and the soft snow falling. There is lots to explore at this site and great people to learn from and with. I hope you enjoy NPN as much as I do.

Thank you for the welcome and feedback on the image! I’m looking forward to learning from the community here.

Hi John and welcome to NPN. This is a lovely look at the woods in winter. Funnily enough I was just reading through and old journal of mine and my first time visiting Montana - the southern Bitterroot valley, precisely. Loved it there and so I look forward to your participation here and the photos you will share.

John, welcome to NPN! I hope that you find this to be everything you hoped it to be. I like Montana and would like to visit it again some day (been almost 9 years since I was there with my husband and some friends visiting the Grand Tetons). A nice winter seen. Looking forward to seeing more of your images.

Hi John! Welcome to the NPN community! This is a very nice first post. I really like winter forest scenes. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help with the site. The Chat and Messaging tools are a great way with an individual or the entire community.

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Hi Kristen - Thank you for the welcome and for sharing your connection to Montana! I look forward to participating more here.

Thank you for the welcome, Shirley! I look forward to sharing more Montana images here.

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Thank you for the welcome, Steve, as well as the tips. I look forward to participating more.

Welcome to NPN, John. Your first post is so serene and evocative for me. I’ve been to Montana only a couple of times. I am looking forward to seeing more of your forest scenes, wildflowers, and other nature images from your area.

Thank you for the welcome!

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