Hooded Oriole

Image Description

Hooded Orioles provide a reliable opportunity for photographers each spring at the Big Morongo Preserve, Morongo Valley, Calif. (about 20 miles from Palm Springs).

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Crop emphasizes the branches, but maybe tighter on the bird? Also, maybe brighten the black areas on the bird?

Technical Details

Nikon Z6II, Z100-400 telephoto handheld, F8, 1/ 2500th, ISO 1250.

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Hi James, this is a really nice shot of the Oriole and I like the pose you caught, with him sort of lined up with the branches. Lots of detail in the feathers and eye too. Not sure I would darken his blacks, but a crop would be nice to have him larger in the frame, and still showing some branches.

Thanks Jim. I do get a thrill out of seeing these desert-loving Orioles each year, and they certainly deserve a close up treatment.

Hello, Welcome to NPN!
I think you have captured this bird very well and I wouldn’t change how the bird presents at all. The contrasts between the yellow, black, and white are beautiful. I also love the maze of dark and white sticks that frame the bird…it certainly shows its environment in a unique and beautiful way and I wouldn’t change it either. It has an dblack and white abstract quality and still looks realistic.

Thanks Robena!