How to post a photo

How to post a photo

Start by selecting a category to post to. If you would like your image to be critiqued then select a critique category, if you do not want it critiqued select a gallery. Each category (Landscape, Wildlife, Avian, etc.) has its own subcategories of critique and gallery.

When you find the appropriate category click the New Post or Image button in the top right.

A new dialog will pop up, here you will fill out the title, upload the photo, and write a description.

  1. Upload the photo by clicking the image icon and then browse to the file. You can also drag and drop into this window if you prefer. The only limit on image size is to keep it below 10mb. We recommend a minimum size of 1500px at a quality of 60 or 6. This will make the image load quickly but still have good quality. You may choose to upload a smaller or larger size if you like.
  2. Input the title of the image, this can be the name of the image, the animal’s name, flower, etc.
  3. Add a tag by clicking where it says ‘optional tags’. You cannot create your own tags, these are predetermined. Tags will be different in each category. The landscape category has tags for region and type of photo. These tags help organize the forum.
  4. Input a description below the image. In some categories you will see some text already in the description, these are to help guide you with questions to answer. If you see these please input your text below the existing text. If one of the questions does not apply you can delete that line of text.
  5. Take a look at the preview on the right-hand side to review your post.
  6. If you are happy with your post click the Share Post or Image button in the lower left corner.

When you upload an image you will see some text that looks like this:

It looks very confusing and you generally do not need to worry about this, but rest assured this is your image, it just displays this way in the editor. If you need to move the image just select this text and drag it wherever you want it, note that it starts with ! and ends with .jpg)

If you upload multiple images at once they will all bunch together. If you want to add spaces between the images just look for the ! and place your cursor in front of the ! and press return/enter twice for each image.

If you forgot something or need to modify the post after you have shared just look for the pencil icon below your post image click this and it will bring you right back to where you were so you can make modifications.

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