How to prevent a time out during an image upload

I spend a considerable time in an area where the connectivity is so slow that I can’t upload an image to NPN without a time out except for very short unpredictable hours. Does anyone else have that problem?

One way I found to get around this issue to keep typing and erasing nonsense verbiage on the post during the upload and staying on the page during the entire process.

Does anyone have another solution?

I’m not sure whether these time constraints have been put by the browser or NPN.

Also, this is a site issue yet I noticed that only NPN administrators can post in ‘Site Discussions’. I can’t understand why.

Hi Igor, can you tell me what your internet speed is, especially for upload? If you’re not sure, you can test it here I tried to reproduce the timeout problem by setting my browser to 2G speed which is incredibly slow at 50kbps upload, downloaded your most recent file and re-uploaded, didn’t touch anything and after several minutes it finished and didn’t timeout. How long does it usually take before it times out?

Regarding the site discussions, you have to select a specific category first, then you can post. For example selecting site support within site discussions will allow you to post. I may change this as it’s a bit confusing.

My download comes to 1.54mbps and the upload is at 0,16mbps. This is a small village in Mexico.

Ah! I should’ve thought of that.

I just tested with throttling my connection to .02 mbps and it did not timeout, so it must be something on your end unfortunately. Have you tried a different browser?