Ice Walls

Taken along the Mohawk Trail in North Adams, MA

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any and all.

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Too busy? Any and all thoughts.

Any pertinent technical details: Taken with Canon SX60, F4, 1/500 sec., ISO 100

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Beautiful natural ice sculptures, Patricia. It is not huge, but I am finding the icicles LRC kind of pull and hold me there. I tried a crop eliminating it and liked the result. No other thoughts, just enjoying the image.


Brrrr, looks and feels cold! Maybe a little busy, but I think it could be tightened up nicely. The large view opens up with nice detail and I noticed right away the frozen plant sticking right out of the wall of ice a bit left of center. Looks like spraying water frozen in time. In addition to the icicles coming off the rock, the rest of the frosted, frozen vegetation works well to frame the top of the scene. For me, tightening up would mean a little crop off the left to remove the bigger plant on the upper left edge which would also remove the heaviest ice along the left. Alternatively, you could crop from the right to remove the dark trunks in the UR which would also cut in to the darkest area of the rock which is lacking detail anyway.

Bet that was fun exploring this scene. I can only imagine all the rest of the frosted scenery around you!


Beautiful ice sculptures, as Harley says. The tones and color look very nice. I agree with Lon about experimenting with different crops to tighten things up.

A really neat find Patricia, the shapes, textures and hoar frost here are awesome. Is this from early winter 2018?

In terms of tweaking this, I would crop the icicle on the right, crop/clone away the dark tree trunks at the top of the frame, and burn down the highlights in the lower left corner a bit. I took a stab at this myself

Hi Ed. No this is from last January. But, we have had a very cold Oct & Nov. so I went again a couple of weeks ago and the ice is forming again. Just for fun I am attaching the winter wonderland I witnessed when taking this. The second image is taken with my Sony A6000 in illustration mode.