Indian Pipe

It’s been a wet summer in the mid-Adlantic. On a walk yesterday, the damp forest floor had many striking examples of mushrooms and fungi. This single Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora) caught my eye as a potential minimalist candidate. The Indian Pipe is not a fungus, it’s a member of the Blueberry family! A 10 shot stack to get the plant and some of the leaves at the bottom sharp. (5D3, 180mm macro, 1/15 s, f/8, iso 800, tripod)

Wonderful image Mark. I really like how the slightly pink stem is reflect in the colors of the background. Just curious, about how tall would you say it is? Looks like you must have been down on your stomach to get this angle!. Great details in the stack and very nicely done.

A very nice shot, indeed, Mark. I am not familiar with the Indian Pipe (never heard of it before), and can you believe it, I am from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Been gone from there (except occasional visits), for going on 45 years. You did a very nice job with this. I agree with Linda about the slight pink and the BG colors. Very nice. I too would be anxious to know the size of it. I am sure you did have to get down on the ground for this one. Very nice.

Very cool plant. Perfect for portrait crop. I never saw one in Montgomery County. Really good job on the stack.

Mark: What a unique and interesting plant. At first glance I thought it was a fungus of some sort. Great find and a fine capture. >=))>

@Shirley_Freeman, @linda_mellor, this particular plant might be 3 inches tall although some of the clumps can reach 6 inches. Yes I was sprawled on the ground with my camera as close to the ground as my tripod allows.