Jewel Bug Nymph


The Jewel Bug, Poecilocoris splendidulus, is surely Korea’s most splendid stink bug. Here are rear and front views of the same individual on a box hedge, where it was eating the fruit yesterday with many other nymphs. The adult is equally beautiful; I’ll post it here soon.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Picture 1: 1/400 f6.3 ISO 400 tripod and diffused flash. Stack of 15 shots

Picture 2: 1/640 f5 IDO 400 tripod and diffused flash. Stack of 8 shots.
Is this a composite? No

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Hi Mike,

Both images are fantastic and the bug looks good in this soft light. The second comp is slightly stronger than the first because the headf is in full view. Awesome…Jim

Wow, Mike, he is beautiful! I just love the colors of him. I probably wouldn’t care for the “stink” he could produce, but he is very colorful. Thank you for sharing both views. I do like the face on the best, because it is always good to make eye contact with critters. Very nice. Thank you for sharing this.

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Mike, these are excellent stacks. The iridescence is amazingly detailed. In shot 2, there is some double spotting of whites on the leaves and a bit of a halo on the leaf in the lower left corner. Those can be fixed in your stacking software, for this shot it’s well worth the effort.

Thanks for pointing out the small but important details, @Mark_Seaver. I’ve reposted the second image above, with halo and spots removed. Mike.

Mike, I still see some image doubling in the leaves below the bug and in the leaf near the upper left. Those are pretty standard challenges in stacking that get me to thinking about how much “clean up” effort a stack is worth…in this case, the answer is an easy yes. (I also see that your camera, like mine, has a bad pixel…the cluster of red dots near the lower left corner…these tell you how much motion there was. With no motion, they’ll be in a nice line, which I almost never get!)

Thanks again @Mark_Seaver . I think I’ve cleaned up (most of) the white bits now - should have cleaned the leaves before taking the photo! Is the bad pixel a permanent flaw? I don’t see it in other photos I’ve taken.

Exquisite! It’s obvious where the name came from. What a stunning creature. I’m glad you included both photos to show the front and back of the bug. Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing this.

Beautiful image, Mike! That’s some amazing colors this bug has!

Mike: Almost decadent for a color junkie like me. The second face on view is just marvelous. :+1: :+1:>=))>