A few months ago there were tons of Starlings that would fly through a farm field every morning and evening. I would see them foraging in the fields and sitting on the telephone lines next to it and the road. They always would keep flying to different areas so a few times I was able to hang out and watch them and get shots of them flying they look so joyful to me. I liked this one because they are kind of in a spiral shape and more evenly dispersed compared to the many crowded pictures I have of them.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything as always

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400, 300mm, f/10, 1/1250, ISO 800, adjusted exposure, highlights, contrast, and blackpoint

Nice image, Vanessa. I like how most of the birds are separate from each other and the spiral shape works well too. I even like the little straggler trying to catch up. Nice work.

This does work well, Vanessa at capturing the sense of flying free on a fine day. The lone straggler is a great addition.