Jurassic Rocks

Another one of the many rock formations located in JTNP. Photographed during a spring sunrise.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 37mm - Velvia 50


Wonderful!! Can’t decide which I like better – the colors, the rocks, the composition or the light.

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Beautiful light, color and shapes. Fascinating geometry and I love that big boulder in the foreground. It takes up just the right amount of the frame. Really good one, Paul.

Wow, Paul. The lighting and soft colors really make this one stand out. Excellent.

The morning light hitting those rocks out there is always such a beautiful scene. This really brings those moments through.

Three words, Paul: Oh, My, God.

@Mike_Friel @Kris_Smith @Diane_Miller @Harley_Goldman @David_Bostock @Mark_Muller @Adhika_Lie
Thank you each for taking the time to review and comment on this image. Admittedly, this was my second outing to photograph this site with the results seen here. Although I always use TPE, Google Earth, and Weather Underground prior to outings for the best possible look. There is still never any guarantees until we have a slice of luck at times too… :sunglasses:

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That little touch of pink in the sky is great. What a beautiful formation and well shot. The light is super. I especially look forward to your film images because we see so little of it these days. What kind of scanner do you use?

Kris, thanks so much for the comment once again. I use an old i900 Microtek unit. It will scan up to 3200ppi without interpolation or up to 6400ppi with it. Using 6x7cm and 4x5inch film I can scan at 2400ppi & 2000 respectively and I get HUGE files as a result. The only time I’ve ever used 3200ppi was with 35mm film.

Am I right in thinking that round rock is about 6 feet high? This is a superb shot!

Mike, it’s been awhile since I was here. As I recall it was almost shoulder high as I’m 6’1". … :thinking:

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Paul, this spectacular with it’s frame filling mix of rounded and pointed stone. The hint of first light adds a fine touch of warmth as it accentuates the textures.

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Love the look of Velvia. It is the closest film to Kodachrome I can remember and it comes close to proving that film will never be replaced by digital, at least in my opinion. I shot the RB 67, and the first model of the Pentax 6X7, which was a beast of a camera to lug around. Regardless of one’s shooting platform, this is a stellar shot. I am so impressd.

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Oh my, this is perfect! Everything is stellar - color, shapes, light, tones.

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@Mark_Seaver @chris10 @Bonnie_Lampley …Thank you for your reviews and comments.
@chris10 yes, both Kodachrome and Velvia have been favorite films for me over the years. Sadly, like Kodachrome a similar fate is taking place for Velvia 50. I’ve read by 2023 it may not be available for Large Format but will remain for 120 roll film at this point. Velvia 100, Provia 100 and newly released Ektachrome 100 are available options for LF usage.

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Wowzer. It’s all been said but that almost perfectly round rock juxtaposes all of those other rocks in the background. The glowing morning light on the tops of the rocks and the purple/blue morning sky just make this about perfect. It makes me want to go to Joshua tree Tomorrow morning. Well done and congrats on a superb image.


Paul: I’m late to this party and don’t have any unique observations but this is a great combination of a really interesting formation and great light. Marvelous. >=))>