In the somewhat famous Kvarnbyn (the ”Mill Village”) situated in Mölndal, Sweden there has been a mill in the rapids for a long period of time. Over the years there where established an industrial complex, that now has been shut down.

If you turn in the opposite direction to my image, you will have the forceful rapids in view together with the red brick industral buildings. That is what all photographers will capture (me to!) but I also liked this part of the stream.

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This reminds me of my shot from the waves challenge - looking straight down into the water. Nicely seen & presented.

This has such a sense of depth in the water, and it’s interesting that the water textures are so different in the areas with different water speeds. I like that little bit of wall with the plants, too. Lovely!

Ola, this is a fine looking down at the rapids view. You’ve got a good sense of motion in the water along with some decent details. I too think the wall adds interest.

@Kris_Smith, @Mark_Seaver and @Bonnie_Lampley thanks for your kind comments.

Yes, it is very similar! Your image is a little bit more energetic, though.

For me that part was very important for the composition.