The question is on which planet. I don’t normally use such extreme processing methods, but I love the way this sporophyte macro turned out. They were growing on a trail sign and so getting below them was a great opportunity.

This was before I did any kind of image stacking and was using a legacy 35mm lens so it was completely manual in terms of focusing and of course aperture setting. The result was some pretty narrow DOF. I think the result is a bit otherworldly and strange.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything useful is good

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Tripod & the Olympus 90mm f/2 macro probably set to f/8 or 11

On the planet sporophytes

Lr for a crop and a pretty extreme B&W conversion. Lots of messing with tonalities and getting the blacks down. Got the background opened up by moving the orange and yellow color sliders pretty far over in terms of luminance. Photoshop to remove a few distractions - one whole sporophyte had to go as well as some light bits in the bottom part.


This is pretty cool, Kris. I like how only a few are in focus. It adds a ton of depth. “Invasion of the Sporophyte Snatchers!”

Thanks @David_Bostock - it turned out to have a weird vibe that I really like.