Landscape Photography & Painting Project

Hey There,

I was wondering where I could post about a new project I’m working on that I think might be an interesting take on landscape photography from a contemporary artists point of view? I’m primarily a studio artist ( painter ) but I also love photography and teach both photography and painting.
I don’t want to make a post that just “self promotes” my project so that’s why I’m asking the community where I should post this kind of topic or if it’s even allowed? If this is the proper section of the site and it’s allowed I would love to share some more info about it, as I think it’s relevant to landscape photography. Can a moderator let me know if it’s OK to share links - Thanks!


Here is an image from the project

Hi John,

Hard to answer without any more specifics. Are you promoting a workshop or some tutorials? We h ave the workshop listings page. I think that type of thing is appropriate and would be reviewed and approved by staff. I would recommend dropping a note to @David_Kingham if you have any specifics.

Promotions or solicitation to purchase work is probably not going to fly, other than your link to your website in your Profile.

If you’re just wanting to share your project and it doesn’t involve solicitation, I’d say go ahead and post and include the “#landscape discussion” tag.

You’re more than welcome to send additional details to any of the moderators, including me. Ultimately I’d be going to David and NPN for approval.

It’s certainly appreciated you taking this approach, and thanks for asking.

Wonderful image BTW!


Thanks Lon,

I sent you a message with the details.

Glad you like the image :slight_smile:

Hi John, please send me the details and we will see if this is suitable as an article or otherwise. Thanks!