Last Light of Day

This was an image taken on a family vacation with really no intent on dedicated photography, Hence I left my full frame camera at home and took my Sony A6000. Ideally we would have arrived at the scene earlier in the day. But none the less the visuals were fantastic. Photography aside, I doubt I will forget the experience.

Specific Feedback Requested

I have spent a fair amount of time on PP. I am guessing the composition doesn’t require much tweaking but input is still appreciated. I am really looking for more PP input.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

I love the gorgeous warm light and atmosphere that you captured here. I do think the image is well composed, the reverse C-shape of the cliffs pulls my eye through the scene. The zig-zag visual flow works well.

In terms of processing, I think the highlights in the upper left corner are close to clipping, and would try recovering them a bit more, from the raw file this should be easy to do.

Ed…as always thanks for your comments. I really had a very short time to grab a couple of shots before the light was gone. Also agree with your suggestion to address the upper left hand corner. I go back and forth on the amount of saturation and this version has less than some other versions that I have played with…

Saturation looks good here to me, especially for yellows and greens receiving direct low angled sunlight.

High Pat,
Good of you catch this one on the fly. You have some wonderful clouds over the land although as @Ed_McGuirk mentioned, there are some highlights that are clipping on the left side of the image. I couldn’t bring them down in JPEG but in Raw you should be able to go back and capture some detail. The saturation looks good to me. I do like the composition but I also cropped some off the right and also off the top to remove those highlights to see what we’d come up with. I’m not sure it makes it better or worse. Just thought I’d give it a try. I can see why you wouldn’t forget the experience. Beautiful location.

I took David’s suggestion cropped in, and also took the opportunity to flip the horizontal orientation. I did my best to deal with the blown out portion of the sky. I am a LR user and maybe there are still opportunities to improve on this…suggestions are encouraged.