Leafless Trees

This was shot in February so it qualifies as a snowless winter image. I played with the colors in this image a bit. Originally I posted this as a much warmer image but decided to change things a bit this time. I’m not sure how this works. Color is so subjective.


@Igor_Doncov, I love the theme here. Color is truly subjective…but beyond that, I’ve come to wonder whether we all have some varying degrees of color “blindness” as I know I do. This forum has been very helpful in providing me with that feedback. With that said, my color sensitivity would suggest that the leafless tree appears to have a stronger cyan>green cast than I would personally prefer…and that cast may persists beyond just the tree itself. Just my 2cents…as you imply, it’s your vision/taste, not mine, and we have to be careful to assure that we are being true to our own vision while receiving feedback from others.

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I love this Igor, a nice study in color, shapes, and especially textures.

I like the cooler WB on the tree to the left, and in the shadows. I think this cooler treatment helps tell the story about bare trees in winter. I think the accents of red, and yellow/orange make for a nice contrast against the cooler tones. This images works for me.

Igor, this view does a great job of showing off the reds and yellows that willow branches show so well when they’ve dropped their leaves. Using the uncolored tree as the main subject works well with it’s interesting shape. While this seems too cyan for how human vision works, it creates an fine wintry mood.

Igor: For me your white balance choice works very well to convey winter and the overall comp is quite pleasing to me. Well seen, composed and captured. >=))>