Lombe - New bonobo mother with infant

This photo was taken in the Democratic Republic of Congo in June 2020. Lombe (the mother’s name) is with her first born who is less than a month old.

I’d like critiques on lighting and any extra post-processing or artistic suggestions would be appreciated :smile:

Taken with Nikon D7500, f/6, 1/80 sec, ISO 3200. Focal length 100mm

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Welcome to NPN, Sam. this is a great first post. I really like the expression on the youngster and that on the mother is interesting as well. I like it that she’s not looking at the camera. The only thing I can suggest would be to bring down the exposures on some of the brighter elements of the image that are a bit distracting. For instance the green leaf to the right of Lombe’s face tends to pull my eye away from it and toward the bright dead leaf in the upper right. Similarly, the sun reflected on the leaf in the lower right makes it very bright and tends to pull the eye. I’d also be tempted to bring down the fruit she’s eating and the finger that’s so bright. Just minor tweaks to an excellent image.

I look forward to seeing a lot more of your work and reading your comments on others posts.

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Hi Sam!
Welcome to NPN !
You already have some great suggestions from Dennis. I like the different expressions from mother and baby.
You ma try to extract more details from the dark areas.
Looking forward to more images from your portfolio !

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