Looking for a trace of yourself (+1)

With a bit of a crop -

Another from last January’s Rime Ice event - this time an overwintering corn field. I remember wading into the ditch for this one, but not into the field. That’s a no-no. So I spent some time angling for a decent composition before the clouds came in more solidly (they wouldn’t and there would be blue skies later, but I wasn’t to know that yet). I was really looking for a lot of DOF with this one and I think I got it. In processing I deliberately kept the sky soft as to not compete.

Specific Feedback Requested

Ideas and impressions are welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Lr for RAW processing then Photoshop I believe, but I can’t remember what for. The usual white and black points and a lot of texture.

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A forlorn scene, but you have made the frosted stubble look very interesting. The sky is bland enough, although that is part of the story, that I wonder about trimming a little off the top to move the horizon up a bit.

Thanks @Diane_Miller - I think it’s stronger cropped. Thanks for that. Don’t know why I didn’t see it myself.

Funny you find it forlorn. I don’t at all. Photography is such an interesting way to see the world and see it through other people’s eyes.